Cellulite Removal in New York with Lymphatic Massage Therapy

Cellulite, the lumpy fat deposits prominently visible in the thighs, knees, and upper arms, can be a major source of embarrassment, especially for women. Several treatment options are available, which can help you shed the extra fat. Lymphatic drainage provided by Chrysalis Massage and Bodywork is one such method and can help you get back in shape by improving lymph circulation.

Cellulite is formed when deposits of fat accumulate in the subcutaneous layers of the skin, eventually giving it the appearance of an orange peel, which can be rather ungainly to look at. Lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, and a predisposition to gain weight all contribute to the body harboring cellulite. A major cause of cellulite buildup is decreased lymph circulation. Lymph contains white blood cells and helps to flush the fluid waste from the body, and supplies the cells with the nutrition they require. Circulating lymph means healthy white blood cells, the precursor to a healthy immune system. If it does not move freely through the body, toxins and fat deposits continue to build up and cells are deprived of their nutrition, eventually resulting in cellulite. So, to eliminate cellulite, the first step is to get the lymph moving, which also ensures that all waste fluids are thrown out of the body. Lymphatic drainage, a special kind of massage, can be employed to remove cellulite and stimulate the circulation of lymph. Read More