Draining Cellulite through Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is developed for the stimulation of the lymphatic system to eliminate the upsurge of toxins and excess fluids in our body’s cell. It is a widely-used cellulite treatment technique provided in New York by Chrysalis Massage and Bodywork.

Our lymphatic system is in-charge in controlling the immune system and flushing out toxins out from the body. It is made up of vast and complex framework of vessels and ducts that helps in the flow of a special fluid necessary for our body’s waste elimination and virus removal. Cells underneath the skin’s surface receive fresh blood free from toxins and wastes from the blood vessels.

It is the lymphatic system that is responsible for detoxifying the blood before passes through various cells in the body. When a specific lymph node is blocked, the toxins and wastes that are on its way out from the body may get trapped in certain areas, and begin to buildup. Read More