In New York, Chrysalis Massage and Bodywork’s Manual Lymph Drainage Recharges the Body with Energy

We don’t pay much attention to our lymphatic system, yet it is crucial for sustaining our health in the city of New York. It’s as vast as our circulatory system and it drains toxins and debris from the deep tissues of our body. The lymphatic system sustains our immunity by moving foreign invaders like virus and bacteria through our lymph nodes, which stimulates them to release aggressive immune cells to fight infection and kill off things like the flu. Congested or stagnant lymph is common in many people. Those who’ve had surgery, those who do not exercise and those who exercise too much all can congested lymph. Women who have had a breast removed can sometimes develop lymph swelling in their arm. This is stagnant lymph and can be moved by Chrysalis Massage and Bodywork with Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) to reduce the inflammation, speed healing, and recharge the body with energy. Read More